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Al Owais attends 10000 Steps Program

Mar 6, 2013 - 01:38 -

WAM Abu Dhabi, Mar 6th, 2013 (WAM) -- Abdul Rahman Al Owais, Minister of Culture, Youth and Community and Minister of Health, attended the 10000 program, which is held in cooperation with Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Program for Sports and Physical Education, Dubai Police.

Dr. Salem Al Darmaki, Acting Undersecretary, Dr. Mahmoud Fikri, Assistant Undersecretary for Health Policies, Dr. Amin Al Amiri, Assistant Undersecretary for Medical Practices and Licensing, Awadh Sagheer Al Ketbi, Assistant Undersecretary for Institutional and Supporting Services, and Nasser Khelifa Al Budoor, Assistant Undersecretary and Director of Dubai Medical District along with 250 employees from senior management, medical, administrative and technical staff participated in the program.

Dr. Fikri lauded the efforts of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Program for Sports and Physical Education and Dubai Police for organizing such sports awareness activities. He also noted that this successful program comes as part of the leading initiative of Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to maintain mental and physical health reassuring the importance of sports and protection from diseases.

Brigadier Mohammed Saeed Al Merri, Acting Director of Society Service Department in Dubai Polices gave a detailed presentation about the 10000 program, its goals and objectives.

He called on the community members, public and federal authorities to participate in the program and increase their efforts in highlighting the important role of sports and physical education.

Brigadier Al Merri elaborated the importance of continuing such programs and assured the support of Dubai Police to any sports and physical activity that would maintain public health.

Furthermore, Dr. Fikri noted that the program aims for encouraging community members of all ages to practice sports and adopt correct health behaviors. Practicing sports is one of the main basic requirements to maintain the health of individuals but unfortunately lots of people do not practice it either of lack of time of laziness. Some people are not also aware of its important role in improving physical and mental health.

He said: "Sports has lots of benefits such as maintaining weight, protection against obesity, high blood pressure and heart diseases, strengthen body muscles, decrease rheumatism and bones diseases and protection from osteoporosis. Our program aims for encouraging the participants to walk for 10000 steps every day to raise the health standards of the employees of the ministry of health and their families and change their healthy lifestyles".

The program is implemented by the health education and promotion department in the ministry and targets the ministry's employees as well as their families. The ministry has also implemented several programs such "loose grams and win years" as well as other society awareness programs.

Through the program, the participants will receive a pedometer (step counter) machine which adopts micro computer technology that detects daily steps and burned calories. The participants will benefit from the results of the test, BMI, obesity rate and muscle percentage. All results will be compared at the end of the program to know their physical rate and percentage.

All participants are requested to fill in a monthly form for four months about the steps they achieved and their physical education activity.